Something in the Air

Have you ever had that feeling that there’s something in the air? Something you can’t quite put your finger on, but you feel it in your bones, in your heart, in your spirit…in the air around you. That’s what’s been going on in me for over a week now. There are some circumstances related to the same period, but what’s more on my mind right now is learning to recognize that “something” in the air. I find if I only look at the circumstances around me, I tend to get caught up in a host of other thoughts and feelings and lose sight of the “feeling in the air” around me. I’m learning to quiet my heart, my mind, and my spirit so that I hear the important things around and not just my own thoughts, concerns, and worries about what around me.
I hope today I continue to recognize that “something” in the air, and my hope for you today is the same. If we can do this, I think we may be more in tune with where Spirit is leading us.


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