We are blessed!

I’m blessed! I’m still alive! I’m turning fifty-five! (And if you’re older, keep it warmed up for me…I’m coming. And if you’re younger…there’s so much more ahead of you…I won’t close the door behind me). I have eyes that see and ears that hear! I have a mouth that speaks! (Alright, some of you would say if I didn’t have that mouth you’d be even more blessed. Hey, you gotta use what you got). I’m blessed! I’m in touch with my Creator and it gives me pause all the time to remember that same Creator brought about every soul I encounter. (Sometimes I encounter souls I’d like to “uncreate”, but I am not the Creator…thank God!). I’m blessed! I know you or at least, for some reason, we’re connected. Today…right now…this very moment, I hope you find even just one reason to realize you are blessed. If you’re alive and reading this…I got one you can start with!


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