The Spirit of My Favorite Boots

The last couple days in Cusco I wore my favorite boots. They’re a pair of Ariat boots (I think the style is called Sedona) that I purchased in the late 90’s. They were the boots that made me become a boot lover. I felt great every time I wore them, and still do. When I went to Italy in 2001, my favorite boots were the only footwear I had the whole week. I didn’t need anything else. They were comfortable and they were familiar. In fact, my relationship with my favorite boots changed when I came back from Italy. It was as if we shared an experience together that no one else but my friend Kevin who traveled with me had. Many times when I wore my boots since, I remembered our time in Italy. And they carried me well that week, and they did so the many years we’ve been together. The first year I went to Voodoo Fest in New Orleans, my boots were there, in the mud and rain and in the sunshine. We had a great time together. They carried me well. Just before I left on my journey to Peru, I had my favorite boots resoled. Over twelve years of wear together had taken a little toll, not too much, but a little on the soles that have always been there for me. I resoled them because I was clear in my intention that they would accompany me to Peru. How could I not take them? They’ve been there for many years with me, carrying me into many a journey and connection. They really have a spirit about them to me, a presence they bring to me, a confidence they bring when we’re together and they carry me and keep me grounded. Ah…the spirit of my favorite boots!

There really is a spirit in many things surrounding us in our life if we understand the nature of it. The common everyday items we most likely don’t think or are conscious of, yet provide for us, enable us to do the things we do, give us comfort, remind us of things. My last day of work at my full time job before I retired was a Friday. I thought I’d be leaving my office around 5 pm like I normally did, but I ended up being there till about 7:30 pm because I wanted to finish up things as best I could for my staff to continue their work in the best way. As I walked out of my office with the last few things of mine to take, I reached up to turn out the light and by instinct somehow, I looked back through my office and I was filled with such gratitude. And I began to speak out loud and thank my office chair for always being there for me, for carrying me and supporting me in my work. I thanked my computer for keeping me connected to the important tasks I needed to accomplish. I thanked my office for bringing me comfort in good times and bad, and so many times welcoming staff, faculty, students, employers, many others as issues were worked out or laughter or tears were shared. Somehow I was instinctively aware of the spirit of the things that surrounded me in my daily life and work.

May we become aware or stay aware of the spirit of the world around us, the things around us, the people around us. May we always be conscious of what they provide us, how they comfort us, support us, remind us, protect us, enable us to do the things we do. May we find our connection to spirit in all things.

As for me…I’m going to go look at my boots after finishing this and thank them yet another time for being here with me!


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