Namaste. I believe from the little I’ve read that the word in its basic form is a typical greeting in the east. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard the word earlier than my comments in this post, but I don’t think I paid attention to hearing it until my recent trip to Peru for a couple months. I lived in Cusco and started attending meditation events at a place called Healing House. After a few weeks, I ended up going for a couple of Reiki sessions and eventually going through training for Reiki I & II practice. I don’t have time to go into Reiki in this post, but it is worth another post and even your exploration on your own.

Namaste. I really listened to the explanation of the word for the first time I can remember from Nikki, a beautiful woman who provided meditation, yoga, and Reiki at Healing House. And what I remember was so moving that it has become the definition I think I will always keep in my heart. Namaste. The divine in me sees the divine in you, and in this we are one. All that I hold true and dear in my faith, all I believe, all I hold onto, all that supports me when I experience my greatest joy or my deepest sorrow, all of this sees all of the same in you, and when our hearts meet and our spirits recognize this, we are one. It is a greeting of deep respect, of deep compassion, or deep commitment to oneness. So simple, and as I said at the beginning, so common, yet so filled with the essence of the lives we live. In a world where those who believe in God or Spirit or whoever/whatever the Higher Power, Source, Deity in which we hold our belief exist, we say – in common greeting – this is my source, my belief, my practice, my faith, and I greet you with all that this is within me and recognize that which is the same in you and with deep respect honor it. It’s not a question of it being the same thing in each of us, just the same respect for that which is so deep within us being recognized and respected. The divine in me recognizes the divine in you, and in this we are one.

Would that all in our world could greet one another in such a beautiful way. Would that it did not matter what our differences were, just that our beliefs were recognized and respected. Would that who I am would honor who you are with no preset expectations of who I should be in your eyes and who you should be in mine. Would that we understood that is how Spirit, God, that within whom we hold our faith sees each of us. I would wake each day with such joy if I knew all I would see would recognize the divine in me and share that which is the divine in them.

One more thought…Avatar. Yeah, the movie. and the phrase, “I see you.” I believe it says the same thing and if you understand it in the movie, you get my point. In fact, my first week in Cusco, without understanding Spanish, I was alone in the clubhouse where I stayed and watched Avatar…in Spanish…and yet I understood it. Yes, I had seen the movie before and knew the gist of it, but because of where my spirit was after a week of ayahuasca journeys in the Amazon jungle, I really understood it. And when the phrase, “I see you” came up again even in Spanish, I understood it. And when Nikki explained to me what the greeting Namaste meant a few weeks later, I understood it.



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