Here We Go Magic

One of the bands I came to discover in the last year was an indie band called Here We Go Magic. Many times I find a new band upon hearing a song of theirs for the first time that makes an impact on me musically or through lyrics. It was their song Collector that did it to me. – “I’ve got a mild fascination for collectors. Where’d you find all that time, a place for everything in the house? I’ve got a mild fascination for collectors.” It’s a song with a musical energy, but I just love the story of the lyrics. Someone who has been collecting things and putting them into place for use.

Over the last couple of years, I have been teaching myself to learn to read Tarot cards. I’ve had Tarot readings done for me, and I’ve always been fascinated by the story of the cards. They’re actually tied to my Italian ancestry, and what attracted me about their use what not that I believe they tell fortunes and the future, but that they are a reflection of our intuitive nature. The way we work as people, the way we interact with the people and world around us, the way we deal with our life circumstances, our dreams, and our desires. My grandmother was someone who taught me a great deal about being intuitive, and I’ve found over the years that it’s been a strong inclination of mine. She always seemed to have a knack for reading people and predicting how they might act, and I find that somehow that knack was also within me. So learning Tarot was a way for me to understand my intuitive side better in an effort to help myself and others in our connections with life and the world around us.

Lately, I’ve been learning about specific cards and what they symbolize, and how that symbolism relates to my current circumstances. I’ve been told it’s a little different way to learn about them, but that’s how it’s been happening in the flow of my spiritual practice. And when I reflect on their meaning in my life right now, I also am learning to reflect on how that meaning would have related to the past or may to the future, and also how the same may relate to other peoples’ circumstances. Each day brings a new and remarkable lesson. New and remarkable because we all have the opportunity to learn something new each day if we take the time to see and reflect.

Today’s lesson was the Magician.

Rw 01

The Magician card is an image of a robed man holding a wand above his head as if casting a spell or performing magic. Above his head is the symbol of infinity, and at his feet is beautiful and flowering vegetation. In front of him is a table on which are the four symbols of the Tarot card suits: a cup (representing our emotional life and desires), a pentacle (representing our financial security and resources), a wand (representing our creative nature and potential), and a sword (representing our thinking and analytical nature). Basically all a part of the dimensions of our lives as we relate to the people and world around us. Many times they’re the things we’ve collected and have each of them in their place – our gifts and abilities, our skills, our resources, our education and training, our life experiences, and so on.

For me today, the Magician symbolized that all the things I need to live the life I’ve chosen are right in front of me. Resources to use when necessary, wisdom to grasp and share, a commitment to live a life of love and connection to others, the ability to put my learning into practice for my own sake and that of others. All I have to do is pick up the magic wand and put these things into place and utilize them. Basically…I just have to act on what I know I need to do, on my instincts that I’m getting more in touch with, on what I believe Spirit is telling me. I know its a simple lesson, but I am learning it’s not always simple to practice. I lose perspective at times. I think I don’t have enough resources. I shy away from sharing what I know in my heart will bring life and encouragement to someone or guidance to deal with a difficult situation. But the truth is that I have already been given all I need to do what I have to do.

I’m a father. I need to remember my role and all I have within that role to be a father to my children, even now as they are in their adult lives. I’m a friend. I need to be in touch with the things I have to offer my friends. I’m a neighbor. I need to be sensitive to the needs of those around me and share what I can. I’m a shaman who is sometimes asked to provide guidance in a situation and help others find a connection to Spirit and deal with the circumstances of their lives. I have many roles and I find myself in many situations. And I need to remember I have what I need to do these things right in front of me. And if I need more than that, I have those things to help me find the further resources.

So today was an opportunity to reflect and make sure I was in touch with the things I have collected and put in their places, what I have access to, and use them. Today’s lesson is to be the Magician. So…here we go magic!


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