10 Things I Learned from My Heartbeat…

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This morning as I sat in my chair in my room…my favorite spot to sit and be, I closed my eyes and listened to the beat of my heart. As I sat with that moment, hearing only my heartbeat and not conscious of other things around me, I began to feel a deep sense of gratitude and I began meditating on what it was that filled me with gratitude. And so I decided to see if I could come up with 10 things that moment taught me…

1. I am alive. The beat of my heart tells me I’m alive. Life is coursing through my body. I’ve awakened to a new day. I’m living, breathing, experiencing the moment. And I’m grateful I am alive.

2. I have not succumbed to my failings and struggles, the challenges I thought at times were too great to bear. They didn’t defeat me, even if they’ve left me weak and bruised. I gained strength back and healed. And I’m grateful I have survived my failings, struggles, and challenges.

3. I have a steady heartbeat at this moment. There’s a calm and peaceful rhythm in its beat that brings calm and peace to me as I listen to it. And I’m grateful for the rhythm of my heart.

4. I have a new day to embrace. I ended my previous day which was its own day and let it pass into the night, and now I have a new day to greet and step into. I can choose how I greet it and how I step into it. I can decide how I will let all the encounters and experiences I have, expected and unexpected, affect how I embrace this day. And I’m grateful for this new day.

5. I am at peace with myself. I love myself. I love sitting with myself. I am comfortable in my own presence, with who I am, with how I look, with all I know and don’t know, with all I think I can control and all I know I cannot control, with the decisions I have made in my life both good and bad. And I’m grateful for being able to be at peace with myself.

6. I am at home within my heart. I am at home in my surroundings. I have found a way to accept the place in which I am, not simply the physical surroundings, the geographical location, but the place in which I rest my heart. I can see the thread that connects all the places I have been and which have brought me to this place. I have had many things around me at times, and now have fewer things around me, and in this I feel at home. I remember when I made my journey to Peru and left all that was familiar to me and routine, and learned to listen to the voice in my heart say, “Find your home in your heart and you will always be at home.” And I’m grateful I am at home within my heart.

7. I have given and received much love. I have learned to give of my heart and to receive what others have given me from their own hearts. I have known the love of family and friends. I have experienced compassion borne out of that love for even a stranger I have never met. I have been reminded of this love at moments when I did not see it. And I’m grateful for love.

8. I am not afraid. Somehow with all my heart has taught me over the years, I find I am not afraid of what lies ahead of me. I have learned to listen to the voice of my heart for now and accept what may lie ahead when it comes just as I learn to accept what has been in the past that cannot change. I may have stress and anxiety about it in a given moment, but when I listen to my heart I realize I am not afraid. And I’m grateful I am not afraid.

9. I am secure in my heart. I feel confident in my heart. I may not have any seeming external security around me, but in my heart I feel secure. I feel “with” myself, able to deal with what lies around me and beyond me. I may not feel confident I have the answers to the questions or the solutions to the problems, but I am confident I am present for the moment. And I’m grateful I am secure in my heart.

10. I am grateful I hear my heart. I am grateful I have learned to listen to my heart. I am grateful I have learned to stop and take in the moment of my heart. I am grateful I hear the voice of my heart, my own voice speaking to me to encourage me, to love me, to calm me, to teach me. And I’m grateful for this moment of gratitude in my heart.

I want to keep being with my heart. I want for you to keep being with your heart. To listen to our hearts. To find calm and love and gratitude within our hearts. And in doing so to move others to be with their hearts. I admit it’s not always easy and it doesn’t always come naturally, but it can come out of learning to listen to our hearts…and that’s what I keep working on that leads me to a moment like this.



One thought on “10 Things I Learned from My Heartbeat…

  1. Deli, I don’t see any need for you to apologize. Your comments were from your experience and perspective. And what I share on my blog, particularly about my experience in Peru with ayahuasca was from my experience and perspective and how Spirit moved and continues to move in me. It probably helps you to understand I went to Peru after more than eight years of working with a couple in Ohio who have been practicing shamanism for well over 30 years and have trained a number of people in the states and in England. My own inquiry into the plant spirit ayahuasca was brewing in me for over seven years and I had contact with the place I went to for a number of years. And I simply went to experience it for myself, no one else. And that experience profoundly changed my life in the same way a single moment in my day can have the same profound effect – because I try to keep myself open to the breath of Spirit to move within me and keep me mindful of my place in the world around me. I treasure that I have been able to be mindful of this and share this from my own experience with others. Over the years I have encountered many different perspectives of many people – I learn to take what touches me and moves me and effects changes in my own life and discount what has not. What I discard may be very meaningful to others and there is room in my world for that. We are all a part of this vast universe, each with our own place. I am no better or worse in what I offer than the next person. I just am here and if I focus on how I live within what I believe I hope that puts me in the place that allows others to be in the places they believe.

    It was you who let me know the Dalai Lama was speaking in Chicago when I returned from Peru and I did get to hear his beautiful message – there are so many, many things that we share and unite us, that we need to focus on those and not so much on what divides us. I treasure that you and I have had the opportunity to be connected and each in our own way to bring Spirit into the lives of others. We are in a world in need of great healing and the more people who recognize this, the more we allow healing to touch our lives.


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