A Timeless Journey In This Dance Called Life

IMG 1208

Today, the shell in which I dwell, by some fascinating mystery beyond me, turns fifty-nine years old. Yet all these years that have passed have taught me I am so, so much more than simply the form of this earthly tent. I am timeless. I am not simply body, but soul, mind, and spirit, and more. One day this aging body will finally fail, even after its few brushes with its end over the last few years. And yet I am timeless. I am awake and aware that I am part, so much a part, of an endless web of love. You know me in part by this form, this body. But you know me also by all it houses. I am so much more than simply my earthly form. And this reality gives me much gratitude. I am grateful I have learned to see who I am, and in embracing that, know who I can become. And see the same in you.

The wisdom of learning to live this life has taught me to see love and connection. It has taught me we are all connected. We are all worthy of love and capable of giving love. It has taught me to accept my imperfections and the imperfections I think I see in others or the world around me, and in that I have found perfection. I am exactly where I should be in each moment and every soul around me is also. And it has taught me as a result, to practice the presence of the moment. The moment now. I will always be learning how to do this, but it’s practice has taught me to be at peace with that. And in that, to be at peace with every soul around me. And it is a daily practice. 
A birthday is part of a life cycle, one that even crosses cultures. We celebrate the anniversary of our entering this life. Do you realize that each of us enter this life as a result of the choice of others. Realizing this, each of us have a wonderful ability to make choices that will bring life to the very world around us. Life in all forms, even the simplest of smiles. And this is a journey that can take many forms and paths. So today, I am blessed on my journey because I am alive, awake, and aware, and grateful for the love of so many. Love and Connection.
I am beginning my birthday listening to an album my children have come to know as, “The Music I Want To Die To.” When I first heard it, that was exactly what went through my mind. It was a profound experience of the path of life. I have listened to it so much over twenty years that is has also become the music I want to live to. And so I continue this dance we call life!

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