The Journey of Chiron

The Journey of Chiron is named with reference to a character in Greek mythology, a Centaur (a creature that was half man, half horse) named Chiron. In Greek mythology, all the centaurs, except Chiron, descended from a specific place and were known to be raucous and drunken creatures who wreaked havoc almost everywhere they went. Chiron’s story was altogether different. Chiron was born from Cronus, the leader of the first generation of Titans, an immortal, who when enamored by a beautiful woman changed himself into the form of a horse to get close to her and made love to her by which was born Chiron, half man, half horse, and by virtue of his lineage also an immortal. However, upon his birth his mother was horrified at the sight of him and begged the gods to change her into a tree so that she would not bear what she saw as the hideousness of her child. So, born in rejection from his mother, Chiron became the adopted son, so to speak, of the brother-sister god-goddess Apollo and Diana. He was said to have been extremely intelligent and gifted in healing and other skills along with the training given him by Apollo and Diana. Legend says he became the one who taught Hercules and also Asclepius, the god of medicine, among other characters in Greek mythology.

I have shared a few links below that provide more reference to the story of Chiron. One story that figures prominently in his legend is how he suffered a fatal wound from a poisoned arrow meant to kill the hideous Hydra by Hercules. Being an immortal, however, he could not die, and so lived the rest of his life with this wound which could not be healed. At one point in his life, he exchanged places with Prometheus, who had been cast into Hades by the gods to be tortured daily. Upon such sacrifice on the part of Chiron, the gods placed within the sky the constellation Sagittarius in his honor. And thus he is known as an archetype of the wounded healer, a Christlike figure, like the shaman who is considered a wounded healer, or the Bodhisattva that would set aside finding enlightenment for the sake of others doing so.

Some links that may be helpful:

In the early 2000’s I began attending workshops to learn more about shamanism and its place among spiritual practices and alternative healing methods. It was during this time I participated in a two week intensive training workshop that ended with making a commitment before Spirit, my teachers, and my fellow participants to move forward with a spiritual call I have had to practice some form of spiritual healing among others. At that time I took the name Chiron as a spiritual name to symbolize the call to be a wounded healer, one that has suffered from my own frailties yet committed to help others deal with their own life experiences and suffering. In January 2011, I made a decision to act on this call and take the steps to move forward in answering it. The best way for me to describe this is in the name of my site…The Journey of Chiron.



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